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Quality Management Professionals

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Who This Book Is For|

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Foundations of Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Learning Outcomes

Implementation of ISO Standards

Quality Management (QM) Methods

Organizational Culture and Integrated Management Systems

Internal Audits in QMS

Importance of Customer Satisfaction

Practical Applications of QMS Implementation

Comprehensive ISO 9001 Implementation Guide

What's Inside?

Introduction : Dive into the core essence of Quality Management and set the stage for the expert modules ahead.

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Module 1: The Blueprint to QMS Success

  • Unearth the core tenets of QMS, from foundational concepts to ISO 9001:2015.
  • Master strategies for QMS development, implementation, and relentless improvement.
  • Perfect your documentation, understand key metrics, and stride the extra mile for unmatched customer satisfaction.  

Module 2: ISO Mastery - Transformative Implementation

  • Uncover the immense benefits of adhering to standard requirements.
  • Get acquainted with the integral components and interrelations within ISO 9001:2015.
  • Learn to harness documented information, apply standard requirements, and glean best practices for optimal ISO implementation.  

Module 3: Quality Management - Beyond Basics

  • From executive to organizational, explore varied levels of QM methods.
  • Delve into niche methodologies like the Kano-Model, Fault Tree Analysis, and more.
  • Uncover strategies for risk management and industry-renowned project techniques.

Module 4: Cultivating a Quality-Centric Culture

  • Explore the world of Integrated Management Systems, gleaning synergies across quality, environment, and occupational health.
  • Understand Total Quality Management from awards to tools.

  • Develop soft skills crucial for QM, mastering individual and group behaviors, conflict mediation, legal aspects, and marketing.

Module 5: Audits - The Art and Science

  • Prep up for an auditor's role, understanding the pillars of ISO 19011.

  • Differentiate between varied audit types, mastering each's purpose and effectiveness.

  • Equip yourself with communication strategies, effective report presentations, transactional analyses, and practical role plays for real-world audit situations.

Building the Foundation for QMS

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About the Author/Instructor

About the Author/Instructor

  • Accredited Senior Lead Auditor in ISO 9001
  • +750 Successful Client Audits with Proven Expertise
  • Ph.D. in Quality & Risk Management, Multiple Award-Winning Expert
  • +25 Books Published on Amazon
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