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e-Workshop ISO 22301

  • Welcome to our Business Continuity Manager E-Workshop.
  • Designed to help you achieve Certified Business Continuity Manager status.

  • Equip yourself with key skills and knowledge.
  • Drive organizational resilience effectively.
  • Lead business continuity efforts successfully.
  • Would you be ready to unlock your preparedness potential?
  •  Elevate your career with our program.
  • Top instructors behind our motivating learning paths.
  • Become an internationally recognized „ISO 22301 Certified Business Continuity Manager

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 Contents of the e-Workshop

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  1. Video Course Master Class

Immerse yourself in our engaging Video Course Master Class, where industry experts will guide you through every aspect of Business Continuity Management. Learn best practices, real-world case studies, and practical insights to excel as a Business Continuity Manager.  

Enroll Now and Gain Expert Knowledge!

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2. Internal Audit Guide

Discover the secrets of effective internal auditing with our comprehensive Internal Audit Guide. Learn how to assess and improve your organization's business continuity practices, ensuring compliance with ISO 22301 and driving continual improvement.

Enhance Your Audit Skills Today!

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3. Toolkit: Detailed Templates, Checklists, and Process Documents

Our exclusive Toolkit offers a treasure trove of valuable resources to streamline your Business Continuity Management efforts. Access detailed templates, checklists, and process documents to implement ISO 22301 seamlessly within your organization.  

Boost Your Efficiency with Our Toolkit!

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4. E book-Mastering Business Continuity-Part 1

A Comprehensive Guide to ISO 22301 Implementation
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5. Online Exam

Prove your expertise and earn the prestigious "Business Continuity Manager" certificate by acing our Online Exam. Showcase your mastery of Business Continuity Management and gain recognition for your skills.

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6. Certificate "Business Continuity Manager “

Upon successfully completing the E-Workshop and passing the Online Exam, you will receive the highly sought-after "Business Continuity Manager" certificate. Showcase your expertise and open new career opportunities.

 Take the Exam and Earn Your Certification
 Get Certified and Elevate Your Career Now!

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Unleash the Power of Business Continuity Management!

Learning Outcomes

Elevate Your Skills with the Business Continuity Manager e-Workshop!

Master the Art of Resilience with our Video Course Master Class!

Conduct Effective Internal Audits for a Robust BCMS!

Streamline Implementation with our Comprehensive Toolkit!

Prove Your Expertise with the Business Continuity Manager Certificate!

Prepare Your Organization for Any Challenge with Confidence!

Stay Ahead of Risks and Ensure Business Continuity Success!

Stand Out as a Business Continuity Expert in Your Industry!

Be the Business Continuity Champion Your Organization Needs!

Drive Growth and Reputation with Proactive Continuity Management!

Lead with Confidence and Mitigate Disruptions Like a Pro!

Empower Your Team to Navigate Uncertainties with Ease!

Business Professionals

Compliance Officers

Project Managers

Consultants and Auditors

Quality Management Professionals

Professionals Information Security Professionals

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Professionals Seeking Professional Development

Business Continuity Managers

Risk Management Professionals

Internal Auditors

Advisers and Consultants

Business Owners and Executives

Who This E-Workshop Is For|

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For short time only

Only for entities & institutions:

Contact the CEO of i-LICS, Coach, and Senior Lead Auditor, and book a strategic meeting to discuss the details. Free of charge

Join us for a pivotal strategic meeting where we will delve into the intricacies of our upcoming initiatives. This session aims to bring together key stakeholders and decision-makers to discuss and refine the details that will shape the success of our strategic roadmap.
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