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Mastering Real Estate Assistant Essentials


The optimal preparation for the Real Estate
Agent Assistant Certification

Covering the fundamental skills and knowledge every assistant needs in the real estate industry.

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Contents of the e-Workshop

  • video lessons
  • Comprehensive Expert Guidance in Our In-Depth Video Course
  • Tools and Resources
  • Our exclusive toolkit contains templates, procedures, checklists, and policies to kick start your  implementation.
  • Internal Audit Guide
  • Learn to conduct effective internal audits to identify gaps, ensure compliance, and prepare for external audits.
  • The optimal preparation for the Real Estate Agent Assistant Certification
  • Exam Preparation
  • Assess your learning with mock exams and sample questions to succeed in the official Real Estate certification exam.
  • Certificate
  • Earn a globally recognized Real Estate certificate to showcase your expertise by passing the exam.
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 Objectives of the e-Workshop

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Module 1: Introduction to Real Estate Operations

1.1 Welcome and Overview

Brief introduction to the workshop objectives and structure.

1.2 Role and Importance of Real Estate Assistants

Understanding the key responsibilities and contributions of real estate assistants.

1.3 Industry Overview

A snapshot of the real estate industry, market trends, and the role of assistants in supporting agents.

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Module 2: Task Management and Organization

2.1 Effective Time Management

Strategies for prioritizing tasks, managing time efficiently, and meeting deadlines.

2.2 Organization Skills for Real Estate Assistants

Tips for maintaining organized schedules, files, and communication.

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Module 3: Technology and Tools in Real Estate

3.1 Overview of Real Estate Software

Introduction to commonly used tools and software in the real estate industry.

3.2 Digital Communication Platforms

Utilizing email, messaging apps, and other digital communication tools effectively.

3.3 Data Management and CRM Systems

Understanding the importance of client relationship management systems and data organization.

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Module 4: Client Communication

4.1 Building Strong Client Relationships

Strategies for effective communication and relationship-building with clients.

4.2 Handling Inquiries and Requests

Best practices for responding to client inquiries and requests promptly.

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Module 5: Marketing Basics for Real Estate Assistants

5.1 Introduction to Real Estate Marketing

Understanding the fundamentals of property marketing and promotion.

5.2 Social Media for Real Estate Assistants

Leveraging social media platforms to enhance property visibility.

Module 6: Legal and Compliance Knowledge

6.1 Legal Aspects of Real Estate Assistance

Overview of legal responsibilities, ethical considerations, and compliance.

6.2 Risk Mitigation Strategies

Identifying potential risks and implementing strategies to mitigate them.
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Unveil the Benefits of ISO 27001 Mastery e-Workshop

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Acquisition:

1.       Comprehensive Understanding of the Real Estate Industry:

·         Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the real estate industry, including key players, market dynamics, and current trends.

2.       Roles and Responsibilities Mastery:

·         Participants will be well-versed in the specific roles and responsibilities of a real estate assistant, gaining clarity on their contribution to the industry.

3.       Legal and Ethical Competence:

·         Attendees will acquire knowledge of legal considerations in real estate and understand the ethical standards and professional conduct expected in the industry.

Application of Knowledge:

7.       Legal Compliance and Document Management:

·         Participants will be able to navigate legal considerations and demonstrate competence in handling real estate documents and contracts.

8.       Research and Analysis Techniques:

·         Attendees will apply research and analysis techniques to gather property information, evaluate market trends, and make informed decisions.

9.       Strategic Marketing Competence:

·         Participants will develop strategies for marketing properties effectively and understand the importance of personal branding within the real estate industry.

Practical Skills Development:

4.       Efficient Task Management:

·         Participants will develop practical skills in task prioritization, organization, and time management to enhance their efficiency in handling responsibilities.

5.       Proficiency in Real Estate Tools and Software:

·         Attendees will be proficient in using essential real estate tools, including CRM systems, database management, and digital marketing tools.

6.       Effective Communication Skills:

·         Participants will hone their communication skills, ensuring clarity, professionalism, and effective client interactions.

Professional Growth:

10.    Time Management Proficiency:

·         Attendees will demonstrate proficiency in time management, handling multiple tasks without compromising quality.

11.    Customer Service Excellence:

·         Participants will enhance their customer service skills, understanding and meeting client needs to provide exceptional service.

Overall Workshop Impact:

12.    Enhanced Confidence and Preparedness:

·         Participants will leave the workshop with increased confidence, feeling well-prepared to excel in their role as real estate assistants.

13.    Access to Resources for Continuous Learning:

·         Attendees will be equipped with additional resources, recommended reading materials, and tools for ongoing professional development in the real estate field.

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Who Should Enroll in the ISO 27001 Mastery e-Workshop? 🎯

Who is it for?🎯

1.       Real Estate Assistants:

·         Individuals currently employed as real estate assistants seeking to enhance their skills, knowledge, and efficiency in their roles.

2.       Aspiring Real Estate Assistants:

·         Individuals interested in pursuing a career as a real estate assistant who want to acquire the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for success in the role.

3.       Administrative Professionals in Real Estate:

·         Administrative professionals working within the real estate sector, such as office managers or administrative assistants, looking to deepen their understanding of real estate-specific tasks and responsibilities.

4.       Real Estate Professionals Transitioning to Assistant Roles:

·         Real estate professionals who are transitioning into assistant roles and need to adapt to the specific tasks, responsibilities, and tools associated with the assistant position.

5.       Real Estate Support Staff:

·         Support staff within a real estate agency, including coordinators, marketing assistants, or administrative personnel, seeking professional development and a broader skill set in the real estate industry.

6.       Individuals Exploring Real Estate Careers:

·         Those considering a career change and exploring opportunities in the real estate industry, with a specific interest in assistant roles.

7.       Real Estate Agencies and Teams:

·         Teams or agencies with real estate assistants looking to provide ongoing professional development for their staff to ensure high performance and job satisfaction.

8.       Educational Institutions:

·         Real estate programs, vocational schools, or universities offering courses related to real estate administration, where students can benefit from practical insights and industry-specific knowledge.

9.       Job Seekers Interested in Real Estate Administration:

·         Individuals actively seeking employment in real estate administration roles who want to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to stand out in the job market.


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Meet Your Expert Instructor

The Senior Lead Auditor ATC, UK
And Director of IQC-Vienna (International Qualification & Certification) Vienna - Austria
1. Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim is an accredited Senior Lead Auditor for several International ISO Standards.
2. Senior Lead Auditor, Consultant, and Trainer for ONR 43001-1 - Services of the real estate industry -
Requirements for the qualification of employees of real estate agents - Part 1: Qualification level: Real
estate agent assistant.
3. Senior Lead Auditor, Consultant, and Trainer for ONR 43001-1 - Services of the real estate industry -
Requirements for the qualification of employees of real estate agents - Part 2: Qualification level: Real estate
A former member of the Standards Committee at the Austrian Quality Authority and participated in
developing the European Norm EN15038.
Conducted +750 different Quality Audits (Pre-Audits, Initial Audits, Surveillance Audits, and
Recertification Audits) worldwide.
Key-note speaker at international sector conferences. Trainer, Coach, Consultant, and Lead Auditor
since 1998.

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Top Skills

  • Quality & Risk Management,
  • Senior ISO Lead Audito
  • Senior Lead Auditor & Trainer
  • ONR 43001-1 & ONR 43001-2
  • Intercultural Skills
  • Management Consulting
  • Ph.D. in Quality & Risk Management


  • Austrian State Award
  • International German Award
  • SABRE International Award (PR Oscar)
  • Best Practice Award, Vienna-Austria
  • Top Expert 2021 and 2022 in Quality
  • Management (Erfolg 2021 and 2022)
Only for entities & institutions:

Contact the CEO of i-LICS, Coach, and Senior Lead Auditor, and book a strategic meeting to discuss the details. Free of charge

Join us for a pivotal strategic meeting where we will delve into the intricacies of our upcoming initiatives. This session aims to bring together key stakeholders and decision-makers to discuss and refine the details that will shape the success of our strategic roadmap.
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