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Ensuring Workplace Safety: A Guide to ISO 45001 and Effective Occupational Health and Safety Management


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Who This Book Is For|

Experienced Safety Managers and OHS Professionals looking for advanced strategies.

Senior Executives and Decision Makers focusing on strategic integration of OHS

OHS Consultants seeking in-depth knowledge and case studies for client solutions

Policy Makers and Regulators interested in advanced OHS management trends

Large Organizations and Multinationals optimizing global OHS practices.

Part 2 caters to those with a good grasp of ISO 45001 basics, aiming to deepen their understanding and apply advanced techniques and strategies in various complex and global contexts.

Who This Book Is For|

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Master advanced techniques in risk management and cultural change for workplace safety.

Learning Outcomes

Understand how to integrate ISO 45001 with business strategy and legal compliance.

Learn to develop and measure effective performance metrics and KPIs for OHS

Acquire advanced knowledge in managing health and well-being programs in the workplace

Analyze global case studies to understand best practices and innovative approaches in OHS management.

Part 2 focuses on providing in-depth understanding and strategic approaches for experienced professionals to elevate and innovate in the field of occupational health and safety management.

Advanced Strategies and Global Best Practices for Transformative Occupational Health and Safety

What's Inside?

Introduction : Dive into the core essence of ISO 45001 and set the stage for the expert modules ahead.

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Module 1: Advanced Risk Management Strategies:

1.1 Beyond Basic Compliance: Proactive Risk Management:
1.2 Advanced Techniques in Hazard Identification:
1.3 Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace:
1.4 Risk Management in Complex Environments:
1.5 Integrating Technology in Risk Assessment:
1.6 Conclusion:
1.7 Questions:

Module 2: Cultural Change and Employee Engagement:

2.1. Building a Safety-First Culture:
2.2. Effective Communication Strategies for OHS:
2.3. Employee Empowerment and Participation:
2.4. Overcoming Resistance to Change:
2.5 Role of Leadership in Cultural Transformation:
2.6 Conclusion:
2.7 Questions: 

Module 3: Performance Metrics and KPIs

3.1. Developing Effective OHS KPIs:
3.2. Linking OHS Performance to Business Outcomes:
3.3. Data-Driven Decision Making in OHS:
3.4. Using Analytics for Continuous Improvement:
3.5. Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis:
3.6 Conclusion:
3.7 Questions:

Module 4: Legal Compliance and ISO 45001: 

4.1. Navigating Global OHS Legal Requirements:
4.2. Compliance Auditing and Gap Analysis:
4.3. Responding to Legal Non-Compliance:
4.4. ISO 45001 and Corporate Governance:
4.5. Record-Keeping and Documentation Best Practices:
4.6 Conclusion:
4.7 Questions:

Module 5: Health and Well-being Programs:

5.1. Designing Effective Workplace Wellness Programs:
5.2. Mental Health and Stress Management:
5.3. Ergonomics and Workplace Design:
5.4. Occupational Health Services and Resources:
5.5. Monitoring and Reviewing Wellness Programs:
5.6 Conclusion:
5.7 Questions:

Module 6: Incident Investigation and Learning:

6.1. Root Cause Analysis Techniques:
6.2. Incident Reporting Systems:
6.3. Learning from Incidents and Near Misses:
6.4. Communicating Lessons Learned:
6.5. Continuous Improvement Post-Incident:
6.6 Conclusion:
6.7 Questions:

Module 7: Supply Chain and Contractor Management:

7.1. Extending OHS to the Supply Chain:
7.2. Contractor Selection and OHS Criteria:
7.3. Managing Contractor OHS Performance:
7.4. Collaborative Approaches to OHS in Supply Chains:
7.5. Auditing and Continuous Improvement in Supply Chain OHS:
7.6 Conclusion:
7.7 Question:

Module 8: Global Case Studies and Best Practices:

8.1. Case Studies from Various Industries:
8.2. Lessons Learned from OHS Leaders:
8.3. Innovative Approaches to OHS Management:
8.4. Overcoming Challenges in Diverse Work Environments:
8.5. Future Trends in Occupational Health and Safety: 8.6 Conclusion:
8.7 Questions:

Module 10: Glossary :

Module 9: Questions & Answers :

Chapter 1: Advanced Risk Management Strategies:
Chapter 2: Cultural Change and Employee Engagement:
Chapter 3: Performance Metrics and KPIs:
Chapter 4: Legal Compliance and ISO 45001:
Chapter 5: Health and Well-being Programs:
Chapter 6: Incident Investigation and Learning:
Chapter 7: Supply Chain and Contractor Management:
Chapter 8: Global Case Studies and Best Practices:


"Elevating Workplace Safety with ISO 45001" is a concise yet comprehensive guide to implementing and enhancing occupational health and safety standards in your workplace. This essential resource explores the key principles of ISO 45001 and provides practical insights for improving safety management practices. From risk assessment to compliance strategies, this book equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to create a safer and healthier work environment for your employees. Whether you're new to safety management or seeking to strengthen your existing protocols, "Elevating Workplace Safety with ISO 45001" is your go-to resource for achieving excellence in workplace safety.

About the Author/Instructor

About the Author/Instructor

  • Accredited Senior Lead Auditor in ISO 45001
  • +750 Successful Client Audits with Proven Expertise
  • Ph.D. in Quality & Risk Management, Multiple Award-Winning Expert
  • +25 Books Published on Amazon
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