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Quality and Excellence: An Agency's Guide to Healthcare Standards

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  • • Agency Owners and Managers: Leaders seeking to understand and implement ISO 21998 to elevate service delivery and agency reputation.
  • • Quality Assurance Personnel: Those responsible for maintaining the agency’s compliance with international standards and ensuring continuous improvement.
  • • Healthcare Interpreters Employed by Agencies: Interpreters looking to align their personal standards of practice with their agency’s commitment to ISO 21998.
  • • Agency Training Coordinators: Professionals who design and deliver training programs for healthcare interpreters within agencies.
  • • Client Relations Specialists: Agency staff who manage relationships with healthcare providers and seek to ensure that service delivery meets ISO standards.

Who This Book Is For|

This segment of the e-book caters to a range of professionals within the interpreting agency context, including:
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Comprehensive Compliance: Master the application of ISO 21998 within agency operations, ensuring a deep organizational commitment to these standards.

Learning Outcomes

By engaging with this e-book, readers will achieve the following outcomes:

Ethical Management: Understand and implement the ethical considerations of healthcare interpreting to uphold the reputation and integrity of the agency.

Interpreter Performance Optimization: Develop strategies to enhance the performance of healthcare interpreters, ensuring they meet the ISO standards and the expectations of healthcare providers.

Client-Centric Service Delivery: Create and refine client engagement processes that prioritize client satisfaction while adhering to the ISO 21998 standard.

Strategic Business Growth: Learn how to leverage ISO compliance as a strategic advantage for business growth and expansion in the competitive healthcare interpreting market.

Under the guidance of Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim, with his two decades of industry experience, readers will be empowered to deliver exceptional interpreting services, uphold the highest standards of the profession, and contribute to the overarching goal of patient care and safety in healthcare settings.

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Chapter 1: Operational Excellence and ISO Standards Crafting a Compliant and Efficient Agency:

Chapter 2: Agency Ethos and Professional Conduct - Building a Reputation on Ethical Excellence

Chapter 3: Enhancing Agency Interpreter Performance Elevating Service Quality through Skilled Professionals

Chapter 4: Fostering Client Trust and Satisfaction Securing Excellence in Client Services

Chapter 5: Strategic Agency Growth and Compliance Leveraging Standards for Competitive Agency Advancement

Chapter 6: Questions & Answers

  Chapter 7: Glossary


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About the Author/Instructor

Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim Senior Lead Auditor, ATC, UK Director of the Middle East, International Localization Industry Certification System (I-LICS), Vienna - Austria
Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim is an accredited Senior Lead Auditor for several International ISO Standards, including:
  • ISO 21998 for Interpreting Service Providers
  • ISO 17100 for Translation Service Providers
  • ISO 13611 for Community Interpreting
  • ISO 18587 for Machine Translation Post-editing
  • Consultation, Training, and Certification
  • A former member of the Standards Committee at the Austrian Quality Authority
  • Instrumental in developing the European Norm EN15038, the precursor to ISO17100:2015
Current Roles:
  • Senior Lead Auditor for ATC
  • Over 750 different Quality Audits conducted worldwide including Pre-Audits, Initial Audits, Surveillance Audits, and Recertification Audits
  • A distinguished keynote speaker at international sector conferences
  • Trainer, Coach, Consultant, and Lead Auditor since 1998
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