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Don't Miss This Opportunity! Understanding the Role of a Community Interpreter

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Who This Book Is For|

Freelance Community Interpreters:

This group includes individuals working as freelance interpreters in community settings who aim to become certified under ISO 136011.

Linguistics Students:

Students pursuing a degree or certification in linguistics with an interest in community interpreting and ISO standards.

Translation and Interpreting Professionals:

Translators or interpreters looking to expand their expertise and add community interpreting with ISO certification to their skill set.

Language Service Providers:

Professionals or businesses involved in language services, such as translation agencies, who want to offer ISO 13611 certified community interpreting services.
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 What You Will Learn |

Part 1 - Lay the Foundation

Understand the fundamental role of a community interpreter and the ethical considerations that guide their practice.

Develop cultural sensitivity and competence to effectively bridge language and cultural gaps in community settings.

 Enhance communication skills and active listening techniques crucial for successful interpreting.

Adhere to the code of professional conduct and ethical standards essential for ISO 13611 certification.

 Gain a comprehensive understanding of the core competencies and qualifications required for ISO 13611 certification.

Apply specialized interpreting modes and techniques to various community interpreting scenarios.

Identify opportunities for specialization within the field of community interpreting.

Comprehend legal requirements and certifications relevant to community interpreting and ISO 13611 standards.

 Implement strategies for continuous skill improvement and professional development.

 Prepare thoroughly for interpreting assignments by analyzing requirements and managing terminology.

Utilize interpreting equipment and tools effectively to enhance accuracy and clarity.

Develop techniques for handling challenging interpreting scenarios with professionalism.

Manage time effectively and schedule assignments efficiently to meet client needs.

Overcome language barriers and provide high-quality interpreting services.

 Implement stress management and burnout prevention strategies for long-term success

Utilize note-taking and memory techniques to enhance interpreting accuracy.

 Apply quality assurance measures and effectively respond to feedback for continuous improvement.

Set clear career goals and develop a strategic plan for professional growth

Build a professional network and create a portfolio that showcases skills and experience.

Explore various certification and accreditation options to enhance credentials.

 Engage in ongoing continuing education and training to stay current in the field of

Elevate Your Institution with ISO 13611


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The Thriving Certified Freelance Community ISO 13611 Interpreter," is tailored to meet the needs of freelance community interpreters who aspire to excel in their profession while achieving ISO 13611 certification. This part provides a comprehensive guide and essential knowledge for those on their journey to becoming certified freelance community interpreters.
This part is designed to address the unique challenges and requirements of freelance community interpreters who are looking to obtain ISO 13611 certification. It covers a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals of community interpreting, ethical considerations, cultural competence, and communication skills. It also delves into the core competencies and qualifications required for certification, helping interpreters understand and meet the stringent standards set by ISO 13611.

The Thriving Certified Freelance Community ISO 13611 Interpreter

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About the Author/Instructor

Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim is an accredited Lead Auditor for the following Translation/Interpretation Standards ISO 17100 for Translation Service Providers,
ISO 13611 for Community Interpreting,
and ISO 18587 for Machine Translation Post-editing

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