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Don't Miss This Opportunity! Understanding the Role of a Community Interpreter

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Who This Book Is For|

Community Interpreting Agency Managers and Directors:

Individuals responsible for managing and leading community interpreting agencies, particularly those seeking ISO 13611 certification.

Language Service Business Owners:

Owners of language service companies, including community interpreting agencies, who wish to improve their agency's operations and achieve ISO 13611 certification.

Interpreting and Translation Professionals:

Experienced interpreters and translators who aspire to transition into leadership or management roles within community interpreting agencies.

Professionals in the Language Industry:

Individuals working in various roles within the language industry, such as project managers or quality assurance specialists, seeking to understand the leadership aspects of ISO 13611 certified agencies.
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 What You Will Learn |

Part 1 - Lay the Foundation

Establish and manage the operations of a community interpreting agency in compliance with ISO 13611 standards.

Navigate the legal and ethical responsibilities associated with community interpreting agency management.

Implement quality assurance measures and maintain compliance with ISO standards.

Effectively resolve conflicts and handle ethical dilemmas within the agency.

Ensure data privacy and confidentiality for clients and interpreters.

Build and nurture strong client relationships to foster agency growth and reputation.

Develop effective communication strategies with clients, interpreters, and stakeholders.

Manage and respond to client complaints and feedback to maintain client satisfaction.

Negotiate contracts and rates with clients while upholding ISO 13611 client-focused requirements.

 Deliver exceptional customer service that aligns with ISO 13611 standards.

Strategically recruit interpreters who meet ISO 13611 qualifications and agency needs.

Develop on boarding and orientation programs for new interpreters to ensure compliance with ISO standards.

Implement ongoing training and skill development programs for interpreters.

Evaluate interpreter performance and provide feedback for improvement.

 Develop strategies for interpreter retention within the agency

Efficiently schedule and coordinate assignments, considering ISO 13611 requirements.

Dispatch interpreters promptly and provide necessary support.

Manage emergency situations effectively while maintaining ISO standards.

 Handle logistics and interpreter equipment management to ensure smooth operations.

Manage billing, invoicing, and payment processing in compliance with ISO 13611.

 Understand the principles and benefits of ISO 13611 certification.

Prepare the agency for ISO certification, including necessary documentation and procedures.

 Implement ISO standards and continuously improve agency practices.

Leverage ISO 13611 certification to enhance the agency's reputation and client base.

Conduct audits to monitor and maintain compliance with ISO standards for community interpreting agencies.

Elevate Your Institution with ISO 13611

Leading ISO 13611 Certified Community Interpreting Agencies:

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Description: Part 2 of your e-book, "Leading ISO 13611 Certified Community Interpreting Agencies," is specifically designed for individuals in leadership roles within community interpreting agencies. It focuses on the intricacies of managing and leading agencies while upholding ISO 13611 certification standards.

Detailed Description: This part caters to the needs of managers, directors, and decision-makers responsible for running community interpreting agencies, particularly those seeking ISO 13611 certification. It is a comprehensive guide that covers the key aspects of agency management, client relationships, recruitment, and logistical operations within the context of ISO 13611 certification.

The Thriving Certified Freelance Community ISO 13611 Interpreter

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About the Author/Instructor

Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim is an accredited Lead Auditor for the following Translation/Interpretation Standards ISO 17100 for Translation Service Providers,
ISO 13611 for Community Interpreting,
and ISO 18587 for Machine Translation Post-editing

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