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Translation Service Providers (TSPs):

Companies and individuals who provide translation services would be a primary audience for this book.

Freelance Translators:

Freelancers who are interested in improving their services and potentially expanding their client base.

Clients of Translation Services:

Businesses and individuals who frequently use translation services and want to understand the standards they should expect.

Quality Assurance and Compliance Teams:

Teams responsible for ensuring compliance with international standards in translation and localization companies.

Students and Academics in Translation Studies:

Those studying the field who want to understand the industry standards and practices.

Localization Managers:

People responsible for managing the translation and localization process within an organization.

Who This Book Is For|

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Understanding ISO 17100: An introduction to the ISO 17100 standard, its purpose, and its role in the translation industry.

Learning Outcomes

Requirements of ISO 17100: Detailed explanation of the requirements set by ISO 17100 for all aspects of the translation process.

Crafting Excellence: Structure of the ISO 17100 Handbook: Learn about the importance of creating a comprehensive handbook that outlines the structure, policies, and processes in line with the ISO 17100 standard.

Building the Foundation: Workflow Documentation and Procedure: Understand the importance of developing well-documented workflows and procedures aligned with ISO 17100 requirements.  

Streamlining Success: Translation Management Systems in the Industry: Discover how the implementation of a Translation Management System (TMS) can enhance productivity and compliance with ISO 17100.

Preparing for the Initial Certification Audit ISO 17100: Gain insights into the audit process, its preparation, and how to manage potential issues and challenges during the process.

The Crucial Test: Certification Audit According to ISO 17100: Understand the expectations, outcomes, and stages of the certification audit, including preparations, interactions with auditors, and handling of non-conformities.

Maintaining the Momentum: Post-Audit Management and System Maintenance: Learn the importance of system maintenance, record keeping, system reviews, and preparations for surveillance audits to ensure continual improvement.

Opening Global Doors: ISO 17100 Certification and International Clientele: Realize the global appeal of ISO 17100 certification, learn how to market your certification, and understand how it can qualify you for new business opportunities.

Questions & Answers: Get detailed answers to the most important questions about each chapter, enhancing your understanding and offering a quick reference for key points.

Glossary: A comprehensive list of terms used throughout the e-Book, providing clear definitions for specialized terms in the translation industry and the ISO 17100 standard.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining the ISO 17100 Certificate in the Translation Industry

Elevating Your Profession

Unveiling ISO 17100

Requirements of ISO 17100

Crafting Excellence

Building the Foundation

Streamlining Success

A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining the ISO 17100 Certificate in the Translation Industry

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About the Author/Instructor

  • Accredited Senior Lead Auditor in ISO 17100
  • +750 Successful Client Audits with Proven Expertise
  • Ph.D. in Quality & Risk Management, Multiple Award-Winning Expert
  • +25 Books Published on Amazon
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