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Master ISO 21001 Certification: The Complete e-Workshop

Elevate your institution and become a certified ISO 21001 Lead Auditor through our immersive e-Workshop.

Elevate Your Information Security Practices Today!

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Become an internationally recognized „Certified Quality Manager

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 Contents of the e-Workshop

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  1. Video Master class

Our comprehensive video course provides expert instruction to master ISO 21001 implementation and auditing.

2. E-Book ISO 21001 Part 1

Laying the Foundation: From Managerial Expertise to Lead Auditor Fundamentals in Education Management"
Understanding ISO 21001: Education Management Systems
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3. Internal Audit Guide

Learn how to perform effective internal audits to identify gaps, ensure compliance, and prepare for certification.

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4. Toolkit: Your Ultimate ISO 27001 Resource

Exclusive collection of ready-to-use templates, checklists, policies, and procedures to kickstart your ISO 21001 journey.

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5. Online Exam: Test Your Knowledge

Test your knowledge and get certified by passing the online exam to become an ISO 21001 Lead Auditor.

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6. Globally Recognized Certificate

Receive an accredited certificate that validates your expertise as an ISO 21001 Lead Auditor.  
Take your institution's excellence to the next level with ISO 21001 certification.  

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Unveil the Benefits of ISO 27001 Mastery e-Workshop

Learning Outcomes

Master ISO 21001 and its implementation

Develop, document and audit an Education Management System 

Pass certification audits with confidence

Continually improve educational processes

Lead with expertise and drive institutional excellence

Who Should Enroll in the ISO 27001 Mastery e-Workshop? 🎯

Who is it for?🎯

Education Leaders and Managers

Internal Auditors and Consultants

Academic Excellence Teams 

Educators and Teaching Staff  

Enroll Today and Embrace ISO 21001 Mastery!

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Meet Your Expert Instructor

Introducing Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim, your seasoned ISO coach and guide on the path to certification success. With over two decades of hands-on experience, Dr. Ibrahim is a globally recognized expert in ISO standards, renowned for his strategic insights and exceptional guidance.

For short time only

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