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The optimal preparation for the Real Estate Agent Assistant Certification

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Individuals exploring a career:

Those who want to understand the scope and content of the certification program

Individuals aiming to meet industry standards:

Those interested in understanding and adhering to the established certification standards.

Prospective real estate agent assistants:

Those willing to dedicate time for comprehensive learning and skill development.

Individuals preparing to take the certification exam:

Aspiring real estate agent assistants seeking information on the exam structure.

Exam candidates:

Individuals preparing for the written portion of the certification exam.

Certified real estate agent assistants:

Individuals holding the certification seeking information on maintaining their certification

Certified professionals approaching the surveillance evaluation:

Those preparing for the periodic evaluation to maintain certification.

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Understanding the structure and content of the real estate agent assistant certification

Learning Outcomes

Familiarizing yourself with the industry standards and regulations governing real estate
agent assistants

Recognizing the commitment required for the educational aspect of the certification,
which spans 60 hours.

Learning about the specifics of the certification exam, including its duration, format, and
passing criteria.

Understanding the necessary steps and documentation required before being eligible to
take the certification exam

Knowing the organization responsible for issuing the certification and the standards it
adheres to.

Grasping the ongoing requirements for maintaining the certification, including
surveillance evaluations, re-certification evaluations, and final interviews

Gaining in-depth knowledge about various technical aspects of the real estate industry,
including property markets, financing, tax laws, facility management, civil engineering,
land use policy, and professional regulations

Understanding legal aspects related to real estate, such as right of residence, regulations
governing estate agents, property developer contract rights, land register rights, traffic
rights, and consumer protection

Developing interpersonal skills crucial for effective communication, conflict management,
and presentation in the context of real estate

Acquiring practical skills related to mediating real estate transactions, specifying
contracts, preparing documents, and supporting parties involved in real estate

Learning strategies for effective study, reviewing sample exam questions, engaging in
mock exams, and receiving guidance for the actual exam day.

Applying theoretical knowledge through case studies, practical scenarios, observing real
estate agent assistants in action, staying informed about industry insights and trends, and
gaining inspiration from success stories

The optimal preparation for the Real Estate Agent Assistant Certification

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Module 1: Introduction to Real Estate Agent Assistant Certification:

Module 2: Technical Knowledge and Abilities:

Module 3: Property Law:

Module 4: Social Competences:

Module 5: Learning Catalogues (Gained Qualifications): 

Module 6: Exam Preparation:

Module 7: Real-World Applications: 

Module 8: Appendices:

Building the Foundation for REAL ESTATE AGENT ASSISTANT

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About the Author/Instructor

  • Accredited Senior Lead Auditor For Several International ISO Standards
  • Senior Lead Auditor, Consultant, and Trainer for ONR 43001-1 - Services of the real estate industry -Requirements for the qualification of employees of real estate agents - Part 1: Qualification level: Real estate agent assistant.
  • Senior Lead Auditor, Consultant, and Trainer for ONR 43001-1 - Services of the real estate industry -Requirements for the qualification of employees of real estate agents - Part 2: Qualification level: Real estate consultants.
  • A former member of the Standards Committee at the Austrian Quality Authority and participated in developing the European Norm EN15038.
  • Conducted +750 different Quality Audits (Pre-Audits, Initial Audits, Surveillance Audits, and Recertification Audits) worldwide.
  • Key-note speaker at international sector conferences. Trainer, Coach, Consultant, and Lead Auditor since 1998.
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