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A Guide to ISO 9001 & ISO 19011 Compliance

Mastering Internal Auditing

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Who This Book Is For|

Students and Newcomers:
Those new to the field of internal auditing looking to understand the fundamentals and principles.
Aspiring Internal Auditors:
Individuals considering a career in internal auditing and seeking an introductory overview.
Business Managers and Executives:
Professionals interested in grasping the role and benefits of internal auditing with in their organizations.
Quality Managers and Professionals:
Those responsible for implementing and maintaining ISO 9001 quality management systems.
Internal Auditors:
Professionals looking to align their auditing practices with ISO 9001 standards.
ISO Consultants:
Individuals providing consultancy services to organizations aiming for ISO 9001 certification.
Internal Audit Teams:
Auditors and team members involved in planning and conducting internal audits.
Quality Assurance Managers:
Those responsible for ensuring compliance and audit readiness.
Quality Coordinators:
Individuals responsible for coordinating internal audit activities with in their organizations.
Audit Managers:
Individuals overseeing audit teams and processes.
Compliance Officers:
Those responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance through audits.
Current Internal Auditors:
Professionals seeking to enhance their auditing skills and knowledge.
Audit Training Providers:
Organizations offering training and certification for internal auditors.

Understanding the role of internal auditors with in organizations.

Learning Outcomes

The importance of ISO 9001 and ISO 19011 standards in internal auditing.

The specific requirements of ISO 9001 for internal auditing.

How to align internal auditing processes with quality objectives.

Applying risk-based thinking in internal auditing

Planning and scheduling internal audits effectively.

Defining audit objectives and criteria to ensure focused audits.

Understanding the pros and cons of onsite vs. Remote auditing.

Developing effective communication skills with auditees.

Identifying nonconformities and opportunities for improvement.

Classifying audit findings to prioritize corrective actions.

Understanding ISO 9001 requirements for corrective actions.

Developing corrective action plans to address audit findings

Essential skills required for internal auditors, including technical and soft skills.

Information on training and certification options for internal auditors.

Understanding the structure of ISO 19011:2018.

Exploring the principles that under pin auditing practices.

Harmonizing the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 19011.

Leveraging ISO 19011 to enhance internal auditing practices.

Reviewing and evaluating the internal audit process for ongoing improvement.

Bench marking internal audit practices against industry standards.

Tables of contents 

What's Inside?

Introduction : Dive into the core essence of Quality Management and set the stage for the expert modules ahead.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Internal Auditing

  • 1: Understanding the Role of Internal Auditors
  • 2: Importance of ISO 9001 and ISO 19011 Standards
  • 3: Key Principles of Internal Auditing
  • 4: Benefits of Effective Internal Auditing
  • 5: Overview of ISO 19011:2018

Chapter 2: ISO 9001:2015 - A Foundation for Internal Auditing

  • 1: ISO 9001 Requirements for Internal Auditing
  • 2: Aligning Internal Auditing with Quality Objectives
  • 3: Risk-Based Thinking in Internal Auditing
  • 4: Documenting Internal Audit Procedures
  • 5: Auditing for Process Improvement

Chapter 3: Preparing for Internal Audits

  • 1: Planning and Scheduling Internal Audits
  • 2: Defining Audit Objectives and Criteria
  • 3: Assembling an Audit Team
  • 4: Collecting and Reviewing Relevant Documentation
  • 5: Developing an Audit Plan

Chapter 4: Conducting Effective Audits

  • 1: Onsite vs. Remote Auditing
  • 2: Effective Communication with Auditees
  • 3: Gathering Evidence and Data
  • 4: Risk Assessment during Audits
  • 5: Techniques for Interviewing and Observation

Chapter 5: Audit Findings and Reporting

  • 1: Identifying Non conformities and Opportunities for Improvement
  • 2: Classifying Audit Findings
  • 3: Preparing Audit Reports
  • 4: Communicating Audit Results
  • 5: Maintaining Objectivity and Confidentiality

Chapter 6: Corrective Actions and Follow-Up

  • 1: ISO 9001 Requirements for Corrective Actions
  • 2: Developing Corrective Action Plans
  • 3: Monitoring and Verifying Corrective Actions
  • 4: Closing Out Audit Findings
  • 5: Continuous Improvement Through Audits

Chapter 7: Internal Auditor Competencies

  • 1: Essential Skills for Internal Auditors
  • 2: Training and Certification for Internal Auditors
  • 3: Staying Up-to-Date with ISO Standards
  • 4: Ethical Considerations for Internal Auditors
  • 5: Building a Career in Internal Auditing

Chapter 8: ISO 19011:2018 - Auditing Principles and Guidelines

  • 1: Understanding the Structure of ISO 19011
  • 2: Principles of Auditing
  • 3: Managing an Audit Program
  • 4: Conducting Management System Audits
  • 5: Auditing Guidance Specific to ISO 9001

Chapter 9: Integrating ISO 9001 and ISO 19011

  • 1: Harmonizing ISO 9001 and ISO 19011 Requirements
  • 2: Using ISO 19011 for Enhanced Internal Auditing
  • 3: Leveraging ISO 9001 for Effective Audits
  • 4: Achieving Compliance with Both Standards
  • 5: Case Studies of Successful Integration

Chapter 10: Continuous Improvement and Best Practices

  • 1: Reviewing and Evaluating the Internal Audit Process
  • 2: Bench marking Against Industry Standards
  • 3: Implementing Lessons Learned
  • 4: Audit Program Performance Metrics
  • 5: Future Trends in Internal Auditing and ISO Compliance

Chapter 11: Questions & Answers.

Chapter 12: Glossary.

Become a Certified Internal Auditor and Excel in Quality Management

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About the Author/Instructor

About the Author/Instructor

  • Accredited Senior Lead Auditor in ISO 9001
  • +750 Successful Client Audits with Proven Expertise
  • Ph.D. in Quality & Risk Management, Multiple Award-Winning Expert
  • +25 Books Published on Amazon
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